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We'll report any known service issues on this page, including any planned maintenance.

You can contact us via your customer portal, our contact page or via phone on 0333 773 7700.

Wholesale networks often do routine work out of hours between 11pm-6am. We recommend waiting until after 6am and if your service has stopped, then contact after that time for us to investigate further and raise a fault if required as there will be limited actions we can take during that period.

Past Incidents

Monday 21st November 2022

General Usage Data / Warnings

We're aware that usage notifications have been sent for some users.

This is due to incorrect data received from upstream showing a large usage bump this morning.

This is being investigated and for now, those customers who have received an unexpected usage notification, please check in your portal and if there is a large increase, usually showing between 10-11am, please disregard this.

We will correct this data once our upstream wholesale provider has resolved the data issue.